Saturday, 10 November 2007

Inka (formerly Freshreports) 0.6.1 is out

Well, not many new features in this release. But I decided that adding the Grouping support is worth a separate release. After all, the traditional report engines use this idea of hierarchic data display (as opposed to the master-detail idea). I was surprised myself for how little code I had to add. I guess, my data and structure part is written pretty good (I certainly can't say this about my layout engine).

The bad news is that you have to group your records yourself. The good news is that with Linq it is trivial (see the example application). After that, you add the outer section (that corresponds to the group header/footer in the traditional scenario), and the inner section to the outer one. The grouped data source should be applied to the outer section, which is of type GroupSection, and the inner section and the elements of the outer section get the correct data sources automatically.

See the Data.doc and the sample application included in the download.

I should confess that I didn't try it with a more than 2 level scenario.

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