Thursday, 26 July 2007

Spaghetti on Rails

Yesterday I was totally enraged by the comments to this post. It was so bad I couldn't sleep until I got out of my bed and wrote a comment. Shame on me.

Anyway. People recently talk a lot about this Monorail thing, and how it encourages separation of concerns, testability, and maintainability of your code. I've been sort of curious, but not enough to dig into examples. So, judging from this post and the code example somebody provided, turns out all they can do is the PHP style spaghetti code.

But the most amazing thing is that how much effort these guys put into arguing that 1: This is the best method since it's putting presentation and presentation logic together; 2: Microsoft is bad (again) because they invented the DataGrid (and presumably forcing us to use it everywhere); and 3: "we can do it with less lines of code".
Chill, guys, peace and all that.

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