Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Neo is alive!

Finally Neo, my one and only ORM tool I've been using for several years, is resurrected! The project, originally hosted by Codehaus here, has been abandoned for some time, and even the Generics update by Paul Gielens hasn't made it into the main branch.

What makes it different from other ORM tools?

1. Built-in code generation with templated classes.
2. The model classes themselves are not POCOs but contain a lot of DAL functionality (some consider this bad).
3. Possibility to keep all objects in-memory. Very useful for testability.
4. Built-in sql-like query syntax, for both database and in-memory queries.
5. All changes can be saved in one line.
6. Automatic inverse relationships. Spielberg.DirectedMovies.Add(AI) is the same as AI.Director = Spielberg.
7. Child contexts. Say, you have a parent Context that can save data to a database, you can have a child context that can save data to its parent. Very useful in some WinForms scenarios.
8. Probably a lot more.

Some problems include performance issues and a few bugs. But now that the project is resurrected, we can hope that it becomes even better.

The project can be found here, but there are no downloadables yet, just the svn repository link.

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