Friday, 24 August 2007

Another sad DotNetNuke story

After spending a couple of days fighting with the Gallery module's weird errors, I finally decided to write my own module.

And not just that, I finally decided to write my own portal (some day).

Enough is enough. DotNetNuke is great for people who just want to create a portal site. But for developers.. Back then (2 years ago) I thought that software development is painful by nature. So I wasn't surprised when I spent hours trying to figure out that the NullReference exception in my logs is actually a HTTPParse exception. But now I know things can be better. I just put up a site in less than 10 hours that a year ago took about a month for me to create, and after that we spent several months with the designer trying to figure out the layout and trying to apply the correct css classes to the maze of control hierarchies.

So, breaking with DotNetNuke is like breaking with the old hated wife: it's much simpler to leave it as it is, but once you do it, you're breathing fresh air again. I experienced it today (a little) when I started my own module (abandoning the stock Gallery), so I know for sure.

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