Monday, 27 August 2007

FreshReports 0.5 is out

I've just uploaded the binaries (together with a small sample) to SourceForge. This thing can't do much yet, but it's something I'm very proud of. I managed to build it very quickly, and although design is not perfect, it's just because some important features are ahead (most notably, paging support), and the design waits to be driven by them.

So far, it can print just simple data. Stuff like "[Name]' age is [Age]". Note that this is already ahead of the report engines I've seen: we have two properties in one data element! Note also that I don't use curly brackets. I'm trying to make it as simple as it can be.

If you need to print the object itself, rather than its property, use an empty property name, like this: "This is []". It actually uses the object's ToString() method.

The main usage pattern is like this:
1. Create a Report object.
2. Create the layout (in the future releases it will be possible to load it from an XML file).
3. Add a data source (or several).
4. Print().

Happy printing!

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